March 1, 2017 THEA Observer

Action: To Stop Pro-Vaccination Bill (again*).

HB0388 by Rep. Kevin Brooks (R – 24th District)


Requires LEAs to ensure public & nonpublic schools to provide parents and guardians with information about influenza and the effectiveness of vaccination at the beginning of each school year.

The Education Administration & Planning Committee will convene on March 7 (Tuesday), 2017 @ 9:00 am in Legislative Plaza Room 30, to discuss and view this bill.

Effect on Home School Students:

Even though this bill isn’t a mandatory vaccination bill, it greatly encourages the education about the influenza and benefits of the flu vaccine. This would be another step down the road to more vaccination requirements and ultimately mandatory vaccination.

*The reason for another Action Plan for HB0388 was this Bill was Rolled to the next Education Admin. & Plan. Committee for March 7.

Action: To Stop a Progressive Truancy Intervention Program.

SB0196 by Senator Doug Overbey (R – 2nd District) Postponed until March 15*.


Establishes a Progressive Truancy Intervention Program in K-12 schools that involves tiers of pre juvenile court programs designed to keep children out of the juvenile court system.

Effect on Home School Students:

This can indirectly effect home school students, by the establishment of a Progressive Truancy Intervention Program. This would escalate the requirements and control of this Truancy Program; Parents/Guardians would have less control of their children’s attendance at school, and would have more consequences if there is steady absence from school. This would try to keep out the Juvenile Court System, by putting them into a Tiered Truancy Program instead.

*There will be another Action Plan for SB0196, but it won’t take effect until after this week (March 6), the week of March 13.

Contact your Representative and ask him/her to NOT Support HB0388!

We ask ALL Home Schooling Parents to contact your Representative before this bill go before the Education Committee; preferably Monday and the day of the committee meeting.

Home Educators especially in Rep. Districts: 3, 10, 14, 18, 20, 26, 28, 31 & 33, (see chart below) can call your Representative who are members of the education committee.

If you can’t get your Representative directly, please kindly ask his office staff to leave a message for him/her in “Not supporting or voting for HB0388”.

If you’re not sure who your Representative is, click here and enter your address to find your Legislators.

Even though your Representative might not directly impact this Bill, your voice it still important!

Representatives of the Education Administration & Planning Committee

Representative, District, County, Phone #

Brooks, Harry, (Chairman), 19, Part of Knox, (615)741-6879

Smith, Eddie, (Vice Chairman), 13 Part of Knox,  (615)741-2031

Akbari, Raumesh, 91, Part of Shelby, (615)741-3830

DeBerry, John, 90, Part of Shelby, (615)741-2239

Fitzhugh, Craig, 82, Lauderdale, Crockett & Haywood; (615)741-2134

Kane, Roger, 89, Part of Knox, (615)741-4110

Lollar, Ron, 99, Part of Shelby, (615)741-7084

Matlock, Jimmy, 21, Part of Loudon & Monroe, (615)741-3736

Moody, Debra, 81, Tipton, (615)741-3774

Turner, Johnnie, 85, Part of Shelby; (615)741-6954

Weaver, Terri Lynn, 40, Smith, Trousdale, Part of DeKalb & Sumner;


White, Dawn, 37, Part of Rutherford, (615)741-6849

White, Mark, 83, Part of Shelby, (615)741-4415