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Rally Day: Tuesday March 31, 2020 9:00am - 11:15am.




The Price of Liberty is eternal vigilance

Directions, links to register for the lunch, and much more...all below!



  1. Show up with your kids!
  1. Be invigorated by the Rally Day ceremony speakers!

8. Meet your legislators!

  1. Take your legislators cookies!
  1. Prepare an exhibit!
  1. Watch Student Congress!

4. Purchase Chick-fil-a lunches and eat in the Capitol Library!

3.Tour the State Capitol!

2.VISIT the newly recently renovated TENNESSEE STATE MUSEUM (for free)! (and the Parthenon is VERY close)

1.Take an excursion through the 98’ deep underground tunnel from the Capitol to the Cordell Hull State Bldg., site of our Legislator’s Offices!


 Rally Day, hosted by the Tennessee Home Education Association,, is the day at our state Capitol for Tennessee homeschooling families to bring the good report of home education to our elected lawmakers.  It’s a Day Tennessee home schoolers join together to protect and advance our freedoms as we let our lawmakers know of our strength and vibrancy.



We impact our lawmakers though scheduled visits to their offices, displays of our student's work and achievements on tables that line the walls of our Legislative Luncheon Reception in the Cordell Hull Building, their new office complex, while we gather in the historic House of Representatives Chamber for a program celebrating our student's many accomplishments and the vibrancy of home education in Tennessee! We serve a Luncheon Reception to all our lawmakers and their staff on the 8th floor of the Cordell Hull State Office Building with delicious food and home school students serving the food and performing.  We move back and forth from the Capitol Building to the Cordell Hull Building, site of their offices through a beautiful underground tunnel.

Chamber of the House of Representatives, Capitol Building 2nd Floor.

Rally Day

Our Rally Day Special Guests are: INVITED Governor Bill Lee and Dan Beasley, Esq HSLDA attorney for Tennessee families


Historically, since 1985 Rally Day keeps on being the vehicle THEA has used to present the good news about home education to the Legislators of Tennessee.   It is THEA’s signature event.

On one hand the event is simple.  Homeschooling families come to Nashville to meet their legislators, the State Senator and the person selected to be the member of the House of Representatives that represents them.  Every person in the state has one State Senator and one House of Representatives member.

THEA encourages every home school family to attend Rally Day so that our legislators see that we want them to know what we are doing and so that when they vote on legislation, they will be thinking about you, your family, and your children.

Homeschooling families have used their freedom to educate their children well.  In general we have behaved in a responsible manner making it easy for our state legislature to expand our freedoms to function as families free to educate our children.

Thank you for working hard to develop a wise, peaceful, healthy family.  Come join us once a year for Rally Day to meet the two people who represent you in your State of Tennessee government, plus you’ll meet a lot of other freedom loving people, too.

For full details click here to see the THEA Rally Day page!!

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