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Rally Day: Tuesday March 31, 2020 9:00am - 11:15am.



The Price of Liberty is eternal vigilance

Directions, links to register for the lunch, and much more...all below!



  1. Show up with your kids!
  1. Be invigorated by the Rally Day ceremony speakers!

8. Meet your legislators!

  1. Take your legislators cookies!
  1. Prepare an exhibit!
  1. Watch Student Congress!

4. Purchase Chick-fil-a lunches and eat in the Capitol Library!

3.Tour the State Capitol!

2.VISIT the newly relocated & renovated TENNESSEE STATE MUSEUM (for free)! (and the Parthenon is VERY close)

1.Take an excursion through the 98’ deep underground tunnel from the Capitol to the Cordell Hull State Bldg., site of our Legislator’s Offices!


 Rally Day, hosted by the Tennessee Home Education Association,, is the day at our state Capitol for Tennessee homeschooling families to bring the good report of home education to our elected lawmakers.  It’s a Day Tennessee home schoolers join together to protect and advance our freedoms as we let our lawmakers know of our strength and vibrancy.



We impact our lawmakers though scheduled visits to their offices, displays of our student's work and achievements on tables that line the walls of our Legislative Luncheon Reception in the Cordell Hull Building, their new office complex, while we gather in the historic House of Representatives Chamber for a program celebrating our student's many accomplishments and the vibrancy of home education in Tennessee! We serve a Luncheon Reception to all our lawmakers and their staff on the 8th floor of the Cordell Hull State Office Building with delicious food and home school students serving the food and performing.  We move back and forth from the Capitol Building to the Cordell Hull Building, site of their offices through a beautiful underground tunnel.


 Our Rally Day Special Guests are Scott MacIntyre and Ray and Charlene Notgrass!


Scott MacIntyre was the 1st blind finalist on America Idol. He will encourage & challenge us with his music and his story!

The consummate prodigy, Scott MacIntyre's musical talent is rivaled by his equally impressive academic resume, Home educated until age 14 when he was admitted into Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College and Herberger College of Fine Arts. In 2005, he was awarded Marshall and UK Fulbright scholarships and was ranked by USA Today as one of the top twenty undergraduate seniors in the nation. He then graduated ASU Summa Cum Laude at nineteen, going on to receive a master’s degree overseas in England at Royal Holloway, University of London and the Royal College of Music. He was accepted to both Oxford and Cambridge Universities for further graduate study in the UK. He has overcome tremendous challenges; blind from birth, two kidney transplants, Scott has a powerful God-honoring testimony. He is blessed with a beautiful wife, Christina, and an adorable 2-year-old son, Christian.  

Ray & Charlene Notgrass of Notgrass History will fascinate & inform us of our TN History!

History lovers Ray and Charlene Notgrass raised three history lovers in their three home educated children. They lead the team that brings you Notgrass History, Followers of the Author of history, the Notgrass family want to help students see how God has been at work in the past and how He is at work today. It’s their prayer that their curriculum will help families understand God's truth. Creating high-quality curriculum for your homeschool is an honor and a joy for this family of history-lovers. They read history for work, for fun, and around the table. You see their love for history in every book they create and in their presentation to us on Rally Day! 


So, on Rally Day, we come together to rejoice in and celebrate the vitality and strength of home education in multiple ways; as we hear from some of our state legislators & our special speakers, are refreshed, blessed & entertained by beautiful music & student's speeches & more! 


See the pictures below of the House Chamber, site of our Rally, the Legislator’s Lounge & Library, site of our lunch for home schoolers, and the new underground tunnel connecting the Capitol to the Cordell Hull legislative offices.


What can my Family do at Rally Day?

1.      Come to Rally Day! Make this a special and memorable Civics Field Trip for your family! Join with Tennessee home educating families from across our state for the Rally in the House of Representatives Chamber within our State Capitol Building beginning at 9:00 a.m. on, Tuesday, March 19th.

2.      BE ENCOURAGED AND BLESSED BY SCOTT MACINTYRE, who was born blind, home schooled, trained as a concert pianist, was the first blind finalist on American Idol. He is coming to minister to us, share his story, sing for us and bless us!!

3.     BE INFORMED OF OUR TENNESSEE HISTORY BY RAY & CHARLENE NOTGRASS  Learn about a Tennessee State Representative who served our State and our Nation!

4.     One of the most important parts of our Rally Day is YOU & YOUR FAMILY! Tennessee home school family groups, friend groups, support groups, scheduling brief meetings with your state Senator and state Representative is so important!  Call now and make a 10-15-minute appointment with your two lawmakers. See below guidelines on how to reach them. The best times to schedule your meeting will be before the Rally begins, between 8:00 and 9:00 or after the Rally and lunch from 1:00 – 3:00 or 4:00 p.m.  Call their office and make an appointment to meet them on Tuesday, March 19th.

Bring your children, consider having them write a letter to their legislators thanking them for their service to our state, take pictures of your family or group with your lawmakers. Request an autographed copy of the Tennessee Blue Book, which is a great resource of Tennessee history!  Be sure to ask them to sign their Blue Book.


Remember these are your representatives in a republican, representative form of government, dependent on your vote to hold office and therefore accountable to you.
When you meet face-to-face with your legislators you are putting a face on homeschooling for them, so that when they vote on legislation which will impact us, they will think of you and your family! This is a crucial part, one of the MOST important parts, of our home school Day on Capitol Hill!!  


We very much encourage homeschooling Dads and Moms to bring your children and plan a visit your legislators, represent Tennessee home educators and count this as a civics lesson for your children!


To Find Your Legislator go to, on the upper right at Find My Legislator, type in your street address and city, hit search & up will come your two legislators, your state Senator & Representative with their names, pictures, email addresses & the Districts they represent. Then go to the top left of the page, click on Legislators to find their office location and their office phone numbers. Call their office and request of their staff a brief appointment with them on Rally Day, Tuesday, March 19th. Be sure to take their staff a Cookie Gift Bag.


One more thing...we continue to hear from legislator's and their staff that they love Rally Day, they love seeing family groups in their hallways and offices. They tell us there is no other day on Capitol Hill like Rally Day!! AND that is because of you!! Plan to be there with your family!! Join with other Tennessee home educating families to protect, preserve and advance our home-schooling freedoms by bringing the GOOD REPORT of homeschooling with your presence, strengthening our message, and our impact as a community on our Tennessee lawmakers!!

5.      Deliver Cookies to your lawmaker's offices!  Pick up the Gift Bags on the tables outside the House of Representatives Chamber.  Cookies will be prepared for you to take with you when you visit your legislators. The Cookies are our gift to the legislator's staff and the staff really look forward to getting them. Delivery begins when the program and the home school lunch service is over and continues through the afternoon.  There you will be directions provided for you to the legislative offices awaiting Cookies. Our state Representatives offices are on the 4th, 5th, & 6th floors and our Senator’s offices are on the 7th floor of the Cordell Hull Building.


To reach our lawmaker’s offices from the Capitol Building you go to the Cordell Hull State Office Building, the location of our legislator’s offices and site of our Legislator’s Luncheon. It’s easy to get there; take the Capitol elevator just outside the House Chamber and the Senate Library, to the Cordell Hull Tunnel, go through the tunnel to the Cordell Hull Building.


6.      Prepare and bring an exhibit to be displayed in our Legislator’s Luncheon Reception area of the new Cordell Hull State Office Building showing what your homeschool is doing. If you have an exhibit you'd like to display, please contact Pam Archer at <> or call her at 615-516-6157.  There are tables for our use in the Legislator’s Luncheon Reception area. THEA will provide the to-the floor tablecloth for your table. You supply the display for the 5’ x 2’ tables!! If you miss Pam, leave a message with your request for a table and your contact information. The table spaces are first come, first served.

7.      STUDENT CONGRESS: Participate in or observe home schoolers in a STUDENT CONGRESS TOURNAMENT. Students ages 13-18 can compete in Student congress with 2 Preliminary Rounds on Monday, March  18th at Christ Community Church & the Final Round in the House and Senate Chambers following the Rally and lunch! In the afternoon, from 1:00 – 4:30, Christian Communicators of Tennessee will host a Student Congress tournament for home schoolers in the House and Senate Chambers in our Capitol Building. This is challenging and fun for student legislators and a treat to observe from above the Chambers in the House and Senate galleries!  Go to: for more information.

8.      ENJOY LUNCH from Chick-Fil-A for Home Schoolers available in the Senate Library just down the hall from the House Chamber (see the Senate Library picture on the web site) Lunches must be Pre-ordered and Purchased ahead of Rally Day. Go to this link and scroll to the very bottom to the BUY LUNCH link: You may choose from 4 delicious Chick-Fil-A meals, plus a bag of chips, cookie, and bottled water for $7.50 / each.

Option #1: 12-count fried Nuggets, Ranch Dressing, bottled water, chips, & cookie 

Option #2: Regular Chick-Fil-A Sandwich (the #1), bottled water, chips & cookie 

Option #3 Chick-Fil-A Chilled, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, bottled water, chips, & cookie 

Option #4: Chick-Fil-A Chicken Wrap w/ Ranch Dressing, bottled water, chips, & cookie

Click here to sign up and buy lunch.  Select the meal you prefer and enter the number of people you want to buy lunch for; a window will open so you can enter their full names.  Enter the names and hit the “Submit” button.  You’ll be taken to the secure payment page. On Rally Day following the Rally lunch will be served in the Senate Library. Everyone who has pre-ordered lunch can go through the service line for the meal(s) they purchased and sit in the historical library to eat lunch.

9.      Downtown Maps & Parking Info

Here is Downtown Nashville Parking information with two maps; one an interactive map of downtown Nashville with info about parking. &

The Downtown Public Library Parking Garage is a favorite and convenient covered parking garage for home schoolers. When you park there, you can enter the Library from the garage, walk through the library out to Church Street. You then cross Church Street and walk up Capitol Blvd towards the Capitol Building, crossing Legislative Plaza with its fountains. Cross Charlotte Avenue and go to the bronze door street level entry to the Capitol.


10. TOUR OUR STATE CAPITOL Guided tours of the Capitol are provided free of charge by staff of the Tennessee State Museum. These tours leave from the Information Desk on the First Floor of the Capitol every hour, on the hour, from 9 to 11 AM and 1 to 3 PM. There are no tours at the noon hour. The first tour begins at 9 a.m. and the final tour begins at 3 p.m. Visitors can also learn about the Capitol on a self-guided tour using the informational pamphlet available at the Information Desk. If you are coming to the Capitol with a large group and are interested in a guided tour, you are requested to schedule your visit in advance with the Tennessee State Museum by calling (615) 741-0830.

11. VISIT the newly relocated & renovated TENNESSEE STATE MUSEUM open on Tuesdays 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. The Museum is located at:
1000 Rosa Parks Blvd. (at Jefferson St.) on Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, Nashville, TN 37208.  There is no admission charge to the Tennessee State Museum’s permanent and temporary exhibitions.

**REACHING THE HOUSE CHAMBER IN OUR CAPITOL BUILDING: 600 CHARLOTTE AVENUE ENTRANCE IN TO THE CAPITOL The bronze doors on Charlotte Avenue into the Capitol across Charlotte Ave. from the fountain covered Legislative Plaza stand open during the day until 4:00. (See them in the picture below). There is a glass door entry into the Capitol at this spot which leads directly to a security check point manned by the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Go through security, walk down the long marble tunnel to the elevators at the end of the hallway. On the elevator go to the 2nd floor, the House of Representatives Chamber floor. Stepping off the elevators, the House Chamber is the very large chamber at the end of the hallway.

HOME SCHOOLERS OF TENNESSEE, DON’T MISS RALLY DAY! Plan now to be there! Attend the Rally, join with home schoolers from across Tennessee bringing the good report of home schooling to our lawmakers, advancing our freedoms as we make our lawmakers aware of the vibrant, dedicated community of families in Tennessee serious about our commitment to home education, as we celebrate home schooling during the Rally in the House Chamber, communicating to our lawmakers that their continued protection of our parental rights and religious liberty is foundational to our home schooling life style and educational choice, liberties which we want our lawmakers to preserve and protect for generations to come!






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